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Make Amazon Product Videos For Free Traffic

Azon Video Maker might just be the secret sauce needed by some Amazon Associates (affiliates) to better grow their online business. It lets them make videos directly from Amazon products and post them on YouTube and other video sites like Vimeo.

And that is something rather different to the usual approach of trying to rank their affiliate sites on Google.

All affiliates face the fundamental need to drive traffic to their site so that potential customers see the Amazon product.

Introducing Azon Video Maker

Azon Video Maker is a brand new 1-click software that turns any chosen Amazon product into a video. You don’t even need a website to promote products and earn Amazon affiliate commissions.

YouTube – The Overlooked Opportunity

Google is the more common focus of most affiliate marketers. YouTube is often overlooked or given little thought. But it might surprise you to know that YouTube is the second biggest search engine on the internet.

Even though it is owned by Google, YouTube provides a separate and unique opportunity for an affiliate to drive significant volumes of traffic to their affiliate site. They just need to be able to create quality product videos which is where Azon Video Maker comes into its own.

Three Simple Steps Make It Work

Step 1
Enter a keyword to find Amazon products.
Select the Amazon product you want to turn into a video
Step 2
Select your settings, images, music and the voice-over you want
Step 3
Press the “Create Video” Button and go for a cup of coffee.
In just a few minutes, your video will be ready

The Resulting Video

Key Features

1. Turns Amazon Products Into Video
Select the product you want to turn into a video and then press one button.
The default settings are in place to create your video and upload it to Youtube automatically.

2. Built In Amazon Search Finds Any Product
The built in Amazon search lets you find your products with one click and inserts all the details into the software.
Select Price Range, Country, Categories and Best Sellers or Top Sellers.
Pick any product and turn it into a video in a few seconds.

3. Automatically Gets Images And Product Info From Amazon
No need to copy and paste product names, titles, descriptions, features or images from Amazon.
The 1-Click technology built in the software does it all at the press of a button.

4. Automatic Voice-Over Using Smart Text To Voice
Azon Video Maker has smart voice over technology with 18 Natural Voices. The technology is powered by a Fortune 500 company.
This creates the most natural sounding text to speech ever seen to date. Choose either a Male or Female voice. Then select from one of nine different languages.

5. Uploads New Videos To Top Video Sites Automatically
No need to manually upload your videos to the top video sites.
Azon Video Maker directly uploads your videos to Youtube, Vimeo and Dailymotion.

6. Smart Software Adds Video Effects Automatically
A significant advantage of web based software is the ability to use technology from the best high tech companies.
This is why Azon Video Maker is super-smart.
It can automatically add SEO tags, text overlay and almost natural voice to each video to give you professional results.

7. Inserts Amazon Affiliate Links Into Uploaded Videos
Once a video is created the primary task is to upload it to YouTube.
The software automatically does that and adds your affiliate link as the first line in the video description. This gives it prominence
Just add a call to action in the video to make sure visitors click that link.

8. Shares Affiliate Videos On Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest And Medium
Videos will make more income when they get more traffic and some significant backlinks.
This is why Azon Video Maker can also for posts each video to the top social sites.

9. Spin Content In 1-Click Using Industry Leading Content Spinners
​To enable the content to be unique amongst other competing videos there are Content Spinner integrations.
These give the choice of the leading content spinner services to spin your content.

10. Automatically Shortens Affiliate Links
Short links are easier to share and often are known to get more clicks. They generally perform better than the often longer and cryptic looking affiliate links.
Azon Video Maker uses two of the top link shortening sites to automatically short-link your affiliate links when posted to Youtube.

11. Uses Over 500 Built In Web Fonts And Customized Colors
To make sure videos look professional there is a selection of over 500 fonts and customized text colors and background colors.
These make all the videos standout so they are more likely to be selected.

12. Earn Paid Sales Commissions From Around The World
Amazon operates in 14 different regions.
No matter where you are based it is possible to create videos with your affiliate ID using products available in your region.
It is possible to promote products from different region and earn commissions.

13. Adds SEO Tags To Videos Automatically
SEO is important for traffic.
All the videos created are 100% SEO Friendly.
The correct titles and video tags are added with one click when the videos are upload to Youtube.
This is important for getting higher rankings and traffic.

14. Select Video Background Music From 1000+ Music Tracks
Music makes your videos more engaging and fun.
To add music there is a library of more than 1000 music tracks in the software
Pick a specific tune for a video or use the random select option instead.

15. One Million Video Image Library
Images are the most important component of videos.
Every product video created must have the right images.
As well as the images uploaded via Amazon others can be selected from the Azon Video Maker million image library.
Any number of these images can be added to a video.
Make your videos even better by adding premium images with just 1-click.

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Final Comments

Azon Video Maker takes video creation for Amazon products to a whole new level. It now makes video creation for an Amazon affiliate a readily achievable and viable option.
For anyone who, in the past, has struggled to create a video and load it to a YouTube channel this will come as an absolute god send.

Azon Video Maker is just one-click away. Make sure you make it happen.

Click Here Now To Get Azon Video Maker

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