Digi Store Builder

Digi Store Builder

Build A Digital Store In 60 Seconds

It takes a lot of time and effort to build a good website for an online store. If you have already struggled building your own, and maybe just about given up, then Digi Store Builder could well be what you need.

This new software overcomes the need for all that technical knowledge, time, money and effort that is usually required. It gets you up and running with your own online digital store in 60 seconds.

Digi Store Two Simple Steps To Start

Step 1
Upload the DigiStore Builder Files to Your Hosting Account & Extract Them
Step 2
Login to Your Admin Area – Add Your Paypal Email & Your Store Logo
It’s that easy.

Not convinced?  Watch this demo video.




If you want to earn real money online we are told the best way is selling your own products from your own website. It’s easy to say but these two items are two of the major challenges to face when you start your own internet marketing career.

Two other really important challenges are getting traffic and building your list.

The good news is this recent product from Ankur Shulkar lets you meet these challenges headon and get a functional online store up and running in just 60 seconds. 

Introducing Digi Store Builder

This well produced software lets you launch your own online store in just 60 seconds.  It comes pre-loaded with 10 digital software products, courses and eBooks so you can immediately start selling.


Key Features

  1. Instant Launcher
    Launching your site is almost instanteous. No setup or configuration needed. No technical expertise required. A 9 year old can do it. Perfect for newbies or anyone who is unsure about launching a website.
  1. Unlimited Sales to Unlimited Customers
    Digi Store Builder allows you to sell unlimited product units to unlimited customers.
  1. 10 Pre-Loaded Digital Products
    The site is pre-loaded with a number of software products, courses and ebooks that you can sell for 100% of the profits.
  1. Built-in Email List Building System
    Your Email list is your most important asset in any online business.Digi Store Builder enables you to build your Email List by offering free gifts and products .
  1. Instant Delivery of Products to Your Customers
    Whenever a sale is made from your site the product will be instantly delivered to your customer. No further action required from you.
  1. Built-in Paypal Integration For Your Store
    All payments processed using paypal without the need to deal with any coding or technical issues. Just plugin in your paypal address & the site will instantly send you payment everytime you make a sale.

Digi Store Builder

  1. Fully Mobile Ready Website
    50% of the internet traffic is now on mobile devices. Super important to have a site that is mobile friendly these days – Digi Store Builder is fully mobile friendly.
  2. Display and Add Customer Testimonials
    Social proof and testimonials help selling which is why having testimonials on your site is invaluable. Add a multiple testimonials to your site for authority and social proof in 1-Click.
  1. Built-In Banner Ad System Shows on Any Page
    Banner ads help sites generate income. The built in Banner System in the Digi Store Builder lets you promote special offers and deals or even promote your other websites / businesses.
  1. Handles Multiple Currencies
    With Digi Store Builder you can pick from a number of currencies if you want to sell in specific countries or regions.
  1. Fully SEO Ready to Rank Site Fast
    SEO is important for traffic. Digi Store Builder is 100% SEO Friendly making it easier to rank your site and get free organic traffic on the top search engines. You can edit the SEO settings from the powerful admin panel too.
  1. Simple, Powerful Admin Panel For Digi Store
    The Digi Store Builder has a FULL ADMIN PANEL which lets you control and edit the site, edit the contents, products and courses. Absolutely no technical knowledge required to manage your site’s administration.

CLICK HERE To Download Digi Store Builder NOW




Digi Store Builder is a really useful product. It saves time and effort building an online store. The worry of not having the technical skills to build a website is no longer an issue. This is indeed an answer for both new and seasoned online users.

CLICK HERE To Download Digi Store Builder NOW

And a Footnote
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