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There is a lot of comment about that email marketing is the old fashion way and no longer works. Those making such statements are really uninformed and misguided. Email Toolkit is a selection of online apps that will dispell this view.

If you listen to any succesful online entrepreneur you will always find that email marketing is a core part of their arsenal. The fact remains basic email marketing with an autoresponder is one of the most effective ways to establish a relationship with your customers and increase your sales.

Introducing Email Toolkit

Your List – A Valuable Asset

If you have been around internet marketing or making money online for even a short time, you will have almost certainly heard that ‘the money is in your list’. While we may have heard it most of us have not fully comprehended it.

Even worse most of us have never actively build a list. And then we wonder why we cannot really make an online income.

In his Product Creation Workshop one such entrepreneur, John Thornhill, is adamant that his blog and frequent and consistent emailing is a major key to his success.

In fact John is so keen to show others how to earn an online income he currently offers a huge $267.30 discount if you use the code pcwdiscount  at checkout.

Most Don’t Understand Email

As effective and time tested as it is, some of us still do not know how we can make use of email campaigns. And the disappointing part, some of us still do not understand what we are lacking.

Email Toolkit is a seletion of email apps that you can use to grow your list and get more engagement with your customers. The product is fully web-based with nothing to install, configure, or setup.

Key Features

App #1- Email Subject Line / Headline Generator
This app can generate over 300 subject lines or email headlines for you with just 1-click. Simply type your main keyword and press one button. It’s that simple.

App #2- 1-Click Email Formatter
This 1-Click App formats your emails correctly to be read fast and correctly, without having formatting issues on mobile (since over 70% emails are opened on mobile these days)

App #3 Spammy Subject Check
With a spammy subject line your email can end up in the spam box instead of the inbox. This app helps you avoid that and get better inboxing for all your emails.

App #4- Email Address Extractor
Have you ever had a bunch of text or data that had a whole lot of emails embedded in it that you wanted to separate or extract. Now you will never have to do it manually again. This 1-Click software extracts emails from any kind of text content and lets you download them in TXT or CSV.

App #5- Spam Words Checker
This software instantly highlights spam words in your email content so you can replace them with better words and increase your email inboxing many times.

App #6- Email Countdown
Adding urgency and scarcity to your emails is guaranteed to give you more clicks and more sales. This software does that by adding an active, ticking countdown timer inside your emails to creat urgency in the reader.

App #7- Email Magic – Personalization Software
Personalisation has proven to give 3X more opens, clicks and sales. This app takes it one step further and adds powerful personalized images inside your emails that have the subscriber’s name added to the image with a call to action.

App #8- Email List Cleaner
A clean email list gets more opens, clicks and better delivery and hence a stronger reputation. Use this 1-Click app to find bad email addresses and removes them keeping your lists clean.

Simply copy paste your email addresses and press one button. In a few minutes you can download the good emails and reject the bad ones 🙂

App #9- Gmail,  iPhone,  iPad Preview
Know exactly how readers will see your email.  Being able to optimize your email for more opens and clicks is very important. This software helps you preview how your email will look in the Gmail inbox and in iPhone and iPad views. Very useful tool.

App #10- Email Emoji Software
Adding EMOJI to your email subjects has proven to get 56% more opens. This app helps you do exactly that. It works with Aweber, Getresponse and Gmail to help add EMOJI to your subject lines. Pick from over 200 emojis.

Who Benefits Using Email Toolkit?

1. Those Who Want More Sales
Sending out emails but not getting results?  The extra impact of email timers or personalization to your emails will help

2. Anyone With Poor Email Open Rates
If you are struggling to have people open your emails tools like Email Emoji and Headline Generator are valuable. You can create enticing subject lines and start standing out in inboxes.​

3. Experiencing Lower Clicks
Email Toolkit provides the personalization tools to increase engagement and clicks. Use the email timers to inject urgency and persuade recipients to take action and click those links.

4. Want To Add Urgency
Adding urgency and scarcity in your emails is a proven way to get people to take action. Email Toolkit gives you the right tools to do that.

5. For Digital Marketers
Email is an integral part of all marketing. To get better campaign results you need to use the tools that top companies use to maximize clicks.

6. For Bloggers, Writers & Affiliates
An email list is a gold mine for bloggers and affiliate marketers when the right tools are used. These apps will help you improve your results.

7. Job Seekers Wanting To Stand Out
Using a distintive subject line and perhaps an approriate emoji could help you  stand out from the crowd and get the attention of the recruiter.

8. Anyone Wanting More Results
Whether you are a product creator, service provider or a new business that needs more exposure to get your brand out there – using emails is the best way to communicate, promote and sell. With Email Toolkit you will stand out with better emails and promotions.

Final Comment

Email Toolkit  gives you the tools to make much better use of email and email campaigns for whatever purpose you require.

Remember the old internet marketers’ adage ‘the money is in the list’.  But you need to have a list to start with. Email Toolkit gives you the tools grow that list.

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