In recent years we have seen many new and inovative kitchen utensils appear on the market. One of these is the Spiralizer. No doubt their popularity and reach has been partly a result of the many lifestyle and cooking shows that we see these days.

Looking a little further we find the spiralizer is a versatile and practical utensil for folk wanting to improve their dietary options.

They enable you to prepare and present healthy foods such vegetables in a more palatable manner for everyone to enjoy.

You can create some smart substitutes too so that you do not lose some of the foods you love – like you favorite pasta dish.

Spiralizers – A One Hit Wonder?

Many of us have a kitchen drawer – usually the bottom one – full of ‘useful’ utensils that have not been out for years. They seemed a good idea at the time but just proved impractical in the kitchen. Perhaps they did not work as promised, were too difficult to use or just a nusiance to clean.

Whatever the reason many single use items seem to fall into that category. TV advertising is enticing but the end result is a fail. One cooking blogger noted that she resisted getting a spiralizer for a long time because it was a single use utensil likely destined for the bottom drawer. But we should add that once she got one she loved its versatility and the range of things that it would do.

So maybe not a one hit wonder after all.

Too Many Choices

But there is a draw back.

Being so popular the choice has become almost overwhelming as this Amazon Spiralizers link will illustrate.

A Selection

Here are 3 spiralizers that you will find helpful for narrowing down your search

Brieftons Vertico – A good basic utensil that is reasonably price and does the job. Currently on sale for just under $20 on Amazon which is a good deal.

Westmark Spaghetti Maker – This stainless steel tri-blade vegetable spiralizer slicer is a slightly more expensive unit and comes with a blade for spirals, one for fine Julienne shapes, and another for coarse Julienne shapes. When a specific blade is not being used it is held in an on board storage slot. Westmark is a reputable kitchenware brand this product comes with a 5 year warranty. Discounted to $25.44 at the moment it represents good value.

Lurch Super Spiral – At just over $84 this is a top of the range spiralizer with superior German engineering. It has 3 blade options. One with adjustable thickness slicing up to just under 1/4″ (5 mm), thick spirals and thin spirals. With storage for the not in use blades and strong suction feet to hold unit securely it is a solid unit. If you want a top class unit this is the one.

Other Suggestions 

There is a myriad of spiralizers from which to choose. Here are a few more that are worthy of consideration

Spiral Life – From Life Style Dynamics this is a handheld vegetable spiralizer with 2 fixed blades in the one solid body. Use one end for the spaghetti cut blade and the other end for the wide ribbon cut blade. With less waste because of a new cap design this is good value at it current discount price of $13.99

Blade Precision – This all plastic unit (except for the blades) is priced at $9.99. With 3 blade types this is a cheaper entry type model. Being plastic it is not as strong or rigid as those with more metal construction. The not in use blades stow in slots in the body.

Kitchen Supreme – This is another single unit spiralizer with the different cutters being accessed from one or other end. At $12.97 this comes as a bundle with ceramic peeler, cleaning brush, storage bag and a recipe cookbook. Certainly something to consider.

Spiralizer 5-Blade – This is the first spiralizer in this group to have 5 blades. Most usually have 3. At $29.99 this is a listed as a new 3rd generation 2017 model is noted as being 25-35% stronger than others. It rates well with nearly 7000 customer reviews which are 81% 5 star.

Chef Vegetable Spiralizer – This is a single body unit with 4 interchangable blades sizes: 3mm, 5mm, 10mm, and 70mm. A tool is provided to help with blade extraction but some reviewers are critical of the blade change procedure as risky because the blades are sharp. However at $9.99 you may care to take a look and make up your own mind.

Mueller Spiral Maker – This is a vertically orientated spiralizer. Others are horizontal and require horizontal pressure keep the vegetable against the blade. With 4 ultra-sharp 420-grade hardened stainless steel blades, a citrus juicer attachment and mandolin the Mueller value at its current price of $24.77. And a final difference is it 4-cup container that collects your output. Others just let it fall on the bench.

Paderno Modern – This is an interesting product being offered with 4 options on Amazon. 2-blade basic, 3-blade basic, 3-blade folding and 4-blade Pro with prices ranging from $14.95 to $47.95. The 2-blade unit is a handheld one and is operated by manual twisting. The other 3 units are typical horizontal orientated with a handle to turn the vegetable being spiralized. The not in use blades stow in the body. With over 9000 reviews and a 4.4 star Amazon rating it should not be over looked.


This is just a small selection of the many Amazon Spiralizers. I hope you find something here to meet you requirements. If you cannot then make a more thorough look on Amazon. I am sure you will find something there.

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