What is Video Jeet 2

Video Jeet is a software application plugin that finds videos to match the content and niche of your video post.  This eliminates the repititous task of finding a relevant video every time you make a new post on your video blog. Having relevant video on your blog post will assist with your ranking.

Did you know that Google handles video content very differently from your basic blog? Where you have a video and information written for a specific niche, the probability of a video popping up on the landing page is greatly improved.

Video Jeet can do all of this without the need for you to be involved.


Who Needs Video Jeet?

This plugin is for anyone who wants to start ranking their video blog on Google. Which is likely to include just about everyone online these days

Trying to achieve this in the standard way with content, keywords and SEO can take you a long time. Worse you may never even make it to the Google SERP.

I’ll not bother with the intricacies of who needs Video Jeet. No matter what your niche you need it. These days growth and expansion is only possible if you have an adequate digital footprint.

Points To Consider

  1. Nothing Extra To Pay
    The best thing about this application is you don’t have to pay an extra penny. The tool works with all the popular free blogging sites such as Blogger, Tumblr, WordPress and Livejournal.
  2. Just Set Up Your Blog
    All you need to do is set up your blog on one of these free platforms and Video Jeet will run them at no additional cost.
  3. Breakthrough Technology
    The second best part is Video Jeet’s breakthrough technology which  makes it a one push button solution. Just enter your niche keywords and it will get to work. Everything is done on autopilot. With fresh video content being regularly posted on your blog you are sure to rank on Google.
  4. Notifies Google Of New Posts
    Finally this tool actually pings Google after its done with the posting! How cool is that? Had it not been for Video Jeet I would have not even known such an option to ping search engine exists!


What’s inside?

Researchers are saying that about 80% of traffic on the internet will soon be from video blogs. Let Video Jeet do the hard work for you on a daily basis.




This Is What It Will Do

  • Find fresh videos for your niche and post them to your blog on autopilot.
  • Ping search engines and posts on social media automatically.
  • Converts the keywords targeted by the YouTube videos to hashtags when it posts to Facebook and Twitter.
  • Supports Spintext so you can generate multiple versions of your call to actions and the textual content that you add.
  • Schedule posts at any pre-determined time interval you set and Video Jeetit will do the rest.
  • You have manual control to modify descriptions, titles and keywords any way you like.
  • Uses authorized APIs to make posts, letting you work with any theme or setup for your blogs.



This is a question you can likely answer now.   I couldn’t find anything seriously wrong with this tool.  From having the correct  permissions to seamless performance this tool is almost flawless.

Cyril has always been so confident of his products that he actually gives you a money back guarantee.

Final thoughts

You should capitalize on the big search loophole that converts videos into website content and automatically gets you rankings.

The internet is full of rich video content. People are continually trying to get on top of search engines while trying to develop the best of video.

With Video Jeet 2 you can make use of all this content and propel your blog on the Google search engine.

This is a path breaking universal tool that actually makes others work for you while you take care of you online business.

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