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Misdirected Efforts

Instead, effort goes into more directly manageable and easier understood things. Like building a website, improving image layout, trying SEO options, and just writing posts.

Harder to understand and perform tasks, like building a list, get left for later. Unfortunately, reality is ‘You only make money when you sell something.’

So, if your audience cannot see or find your offer nothing happens.

What can we do about it?

Unfortunately, looking for a solution just finds more options. Everyone says their solution is best for getting in front of your audience.

SEO is mentioned above. However, social media platforms, like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest Twitter and Linkedin are options too. But these require a level of knowledge and skill to use successfully. They quickly become costly too.

One Solution

Another option are Solo Ads. Use a site like Udimi to pay someone to place your offer to people on one of their lists.

A provider with a quality list is very effective. Again, there is a cash layout. However Udimi is a valuable option.

A Better Solution

But now there’s a modified approach available. Called ‘Mail Our Lists‘ it emails your offer to over 35,000 people on 43 websites. Again for a small one off payment. But it’s different to the methods above. And certainly worth checking out!

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