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Everyone knows the huge potential of YouTube for building a business. But there’s a problem. Since everyone knows this competition on YouTube has dramatically increased.

Nichexploit is a detailed analytics tool for YouTube that builds a report which tells you the profitablilty of a particular niche. This gives you a key advantage when starting to use YouTube to build a niche site.

Who Does Nichexploit Suit?

The Nichexploit tool will certainly help first time YouTube users.  It will also provide advantages for those who are already familiar with YouTube.

If you fit into one of the groups listed below but are not in the right niche you could well be wasting your time.

Three Top Nichexploit Features

1) Nichexploit saves you time and time is money. Research that can takes hours to do is now done in moments.

Research not only eats up your time you may not get the right YouTube niche first time.

With Nichexploit you get a positive course of action on YouTube first time.

2) You can generate an income with the detailed report that Nichexploit generates with just a couple of clicks.

You can start your own YouTube analytics services. Many YouTube users are unaware of the existance of the Nichexploit tool. So they would be happy to pay for a research report like that generated by Nichexploit.

3) Nichexploit reports are generated in real time! This is a real advantage. To manually research a niche properly takes long time. By the time you achieve a result your research could be outdated!

What Does Nichexploit Provide?

By filling in some basic information about your target niche Nichexploit will generate a comprehensive report that includes:

  • The channel dominating your target niche.
  • The success potential of the niche.
  • Top channels in your niche, their traffic and the niche’s business potential.
  • The strength of the dominant channel in the niche – Is there room for another player?
  • The number of channels actually doing business in the niche.
  • The average time it takes to start making sales in the niche.
  • The number of channels that have failed to make sales in the niche.
  • How many new startup channels are targeting the niche.
  • The average business generated by one video in the niche.
  • The number of videos needed to achieve success.
  • The best timing between videos.

Nichexploit Key Points

Cyril Gupta is a reputable marketer of online products.  Nevertheless it is worth getting some independant opinion to make sure that Nichexploit has actually got the analytics right.

Others have found that nothing posed a problem. Nichexploit is well designed and the reports provide you with a broad set of parameters covering all the relevant requirements.

There is little more you will need to take advantage of your chosen niche.


Nichexploit is a powerful software tool. You can use it to quickly and easily find profitable niche markets on YouTube.

The whole process is simplified and the user-friendly interface makes it easy to get started with minimum effort. The research covers all major aspects of niche research on YouTube.

Cyril Gupta has used his own tool to uncover many profitable niches on YouTube.  Nichexploit will prove invaluable for any YouTuber looking to grow their niche business.

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