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Content Has Always been King

To get organic traffic and leads fresh and captivating content has always been king for the search engines. WP Auto Content offers you the possibility of curating fresh content for your site from hundreds of sources in one click. 

Regular and Consistent Posting Needed

If you plan to be successful in the online world of you need to find a way to regularly and consistently post good content on your site. But it takes time and money to create this type of content.

At the end of the day it’s unlikely you will able to compete with the bigger and more prominent sites purely because of the effort involved.

Consider Alternative Approaches

There is a way though which is where WP Auto Content comes in.
If you use tools and simple techniques to address the situation it’s possible to multiply your results with a reduced effort.  

What if you could source content from prominent sites with full authority for your WordPress websites.  Sounds like a promising idea.

The question is “How do you do it?

The Solution – WP Auto Content

WP Auto Content is a WordPress plugin that automatically does all this challenging work for you.  The plugin automates the creation of fresh blog content enabling you to run campaigns by curating content from sites with full authority.

Check Out These Points


WP Auto Content Features

  1. Easily curate content from multiple sources.
  2. Post fresh content that ranks with search engines.
  3. Create multiple auto-posting campaigns for any of your websites.
  4. Publish text, videos, images, news and social content
  5. Select and publish from multiple RSS feeds
  6. Revise titles and remove links from curated content.

Pro Points

  1. User friendly
  2. No technical expertise required
  3. Suitable for anyone wanting to monetize WordPress websites 
  4. Good technical support

Con Points

  1. Requires a good internet connection to maximize functionality.
  2. WordPress plugin so only functions with WordPress websites.

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